Health Care & Fitness Goods Series
Demonstration video

Fishing Scissors
Pull Key Reel
Fishing Pliers-Stainless
Fishing Pliers-Carbon
Fishing Forceps
Fish Hook Extractor

Manicure Set

Emergency Goods

Stainless Steel Scissors
Hand Made Barber Scissors
Nail Nipper
Nail Clipper
Nail File
Ear Pick

Health Care & Fitness Goods Series (1page)

WJ-0489 Stretch Band-I
(Sport instrument specified for Hands)

T.W. PATENTED NO.: D169828
U.S. PAT. APPLICATION NO.: 29/526,920
WJ-0789 Stretch Band-II
(Sport instrument specified for
Hands and Feet)

T.W. PATENTED NO.: D185313

WJ-0268S 3-IN-1 Hand Grip-I
(with Hand Strap)

U.S. PATENTED NO.: D683804
EU PATENTED NO.: 002092338
WJ-0769 2-IN-1 Hand Grip-II
(with Hand Strap)

T.W. PAT. APPLICATION NO.: 106303869
WJ-0298 2-IN-1 Roller Massager
WJ-0488 Mini Handheld Massager
WJ-0408 2-IN-1 Folding Relax Pat with Scratcher
U.S. PATENTED NO.: D715,953 S

WJ-0138 Pill Box

WJ-608 Pill Box